Some of the most lucrative enterprise services require high capacity, low latency and full geographic diversity guarantees, including financial services connectivity, dual homing to mobile base stations, and connectivity of the enterprise to public cloud.

While service providers attempt to provide such services, the lack of closed-loop control over the network does not allow them to fully guarantee that SLAs are kept along the entire service lifecycle. Outdated or erroneous inventories, a lack of accurate network topology data and the lack of tools to properly monitor SLAs down to the physical fiber route level make service issues difficult to proactively identify and fix before the customer is impacted, leading to SLA penalties, order fallout, unsatisfied customers and brand erosion.


NetFusion Premium Services Fulfillment

With NetFusion Premium Services Fulfillment, service providers can offer high-speed, low latency, high-diversity premium services, with full awareness of available resources. Premium services are proactively monitored for issues that could lead to SLA breaches, offering operations teams a holistic network view to quickly troubleshoot and solve potential SLA issues before they impact the customer.

As SDN is deployed in the network, NetFusion Premium Services Fulfillment enables service providers to fully automate provisioning and SLA verification and can finally “close the loop” by automatically fixing services that no longer meet their SLAs. Moreover, NetFusion can begin optimizing the entire network to better meet the needs of its services by shifting services, making room for other services,  as well as the addition of capacity to allow service use on shorter or more diverse paths. NetFusion enables the network to become service aware.

Once an order is received, NetFusion Premium Services Fulfillment verifies the required network resources to provide the SLA are available by consulting the up-to-date network inventory data. This ensures that the service can be provisioned automatically without requiring ordering and installing additional cards at endpoints or along the way – adding unacceptable delay to the process.

The service is then automatically provisioned, ensuring a fast and accurate process. This may require actions across multiple domains and sometimes even multiple layers. For example, the Auto-Sizer app may be invoked to add more capacity between routers, using the underlying optical switched infrastructure if this is needed to allow the service to be routed along its preferred route.

The work does not stop here: the system continuously monitors the service to ensure it does not violate its SLA, proactively alerting the operations team should any performance issues occur, and providing them with several tools to help troubleshoot and fix the issue. For example, NetFusion can correct SLA issues by either rerouting the service to a better path or adding capacity to IP network links using multi-layer mechanisms.


  • Accurate Network Model from Service-to-Fiber
  • Precise, Multi-Layer, Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Inventory Data
  • Automated Service Provisioning and Network Resizing
  • Continuous SLA Monitoring and Fulfillment


  • Differentiate from OTT Service Providers with Continuously Monitored Services
  • Meet Even the Toughest SLAs, Enabling Customer Success
  • Create New Streams of Revenue with High-Availability Services per Customer Demand