NetFusion acquires core and metro network data through a patented and automated discovery method that maps topology, traffic, and services into a live, unified network model. This multivendor view extracts valuable network knowledge and makes it available through a three-dimensional UI or an API. Visibility includes all cross-layer and cross-domain connections, offering a unique, network-wide, service-to-fiber view. This depth and quality of NetFusion data takes the guesswork out of network operations, leaving you free to focus on offering revenue-generating services. The NetFusion platform also eases the architectural transition from legacy to SDN with an adaptable architecture that permits direct access to network elements, legacy EMS/NMS, and domain controllers. As your solution develops, changes are not required to network equipment, domain controllers, or service orchestrators, thus powering the way to the next evolutionary step in network control.


Sedona NetFusion platform discovers and aggregates network data into a holistic, layer and time dimension model that you can use to see, understand, manage and automate your entire service network.


Service to Fiber network-wide discovery with multi-Layer, Domain, and Vendor accuracy


Uncover eye-opening insights that shorten time-to-action and simplify workflows


Close the loop with policy-driven, dynamic end-to-end network automation

Discovery Features
  • Flexible, deep-layered network model to express the most complex network structure
  • Unique, fully-automated discovery of cross-layer and domain connectivity
  • Time depth analysis to proactively identify trends and allow navigate back in time for better RCA
  • Open – Architecture enables integration of new adapters and APIs within weeks
  • Network-wide transaction integrity – Consistent network state under all conditions
  • Operator centric, policy driven enforcement of manual and automatic system behaviors
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Platform Capabilities
  • Customizable – easy to tailor logic and UI to specific needs using Python
  • Agile – fast delivery of features and apps on the fly
  • UI – fully searchable, easy to navigate 3D network topologies
  • BI – abstract complex BI queries with a unique app based analysis
  • Scalability – Scale as you grow to tens of thousands of nodes and connections
  • High Availability – Automatic and fast recovery from software and site failures