NetFusion Network Uptime Assurance

Despite spending huge amounts in overprovisioning their networks, service providers still come up short, as evidenced by customer outages and SLA penalties.

NetFusion Network Uptime Assurance solution provides actionable, multi-layer network data and control to identify and prevent potential service outages. The solution is designed to ensure that service providers achieve their resilience goals along the entire life cycle of network planning and operation. The system provides planning and operations teams current and accurate data driven insights and network control and helps them improve network resiliency and availability, without deploying extra gear.

With NetFusion Network Uptime Assurance, the IP network is less exposed to the impact of equipment and fiber failures and maintenance activities and can keep more of the consumer and business services up during such events.

The solution works by identifying points of concern in and across the network that could potentially cause network outages or disconnections – and addresses those issues.  It then detects shared risk link groups and determines where diversity policies need to be enforced, alerting operations regarding detected vulnerabilities and automating alternative remedies.

Flaws are analyzed and repaired by reusing existing resources to improve resilience. The network is constantly monitored to ensure resilience remains at the required levels. The solution alerts operations teams should resilience issues come up.

The end result? Increased resilience at a lower cost.


  • Accurate Network Model from Service-to-Fiber
  • Analytics and Automation Algorithms
  • Full Optical Knowledge


  • Improve Resiliency
  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure
  • Create New High Availability Service Offerings
  • Reduce Overprovisioning Costs