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NetFusion HCO Visibility

Full visibility at across all layers from service to fiber. Understand service diversity down to street level

Multilayer Service Set Up

Easy provisioning of fully diverse protected services at any layer, across a multivendor network

Predictive Analysis

Network and Service level dashboards highlighting the current state and likely future service-impacting issues

Proactive Service Reroute

Identify optimal time for reroute of to-be-impacted services and execute the change

Avoiding Trouble Spots

New service requests will automatically avoid the links that are predicted to fail

SDN service provisioning and assurance across multi-domain transport networks.

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Innovative approach to service provisioning and assurance across multi-domain transport networks

The demo and infographic showcase advanced unified service provisioning across a multi-domain network with multilayer service-to-fiber visualization capabilities and automatic traffic rerouting when a fault is anticipated through AI-based predictive analysis.

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