It is no secret that most service provider networks still rely on manually-intensive processes to manage and operate the network. In order to compete successfully with web-scale companies on one hand and over-the-top providers of content and network services on the other hand, SPs must significantly automate every aspect of running the network. New technologies such as SDN and streaming telemetry are being introduced to enable network automation. To exploit these technologies, accurate intelligence and a holistic approach to managing the network and its services is needed.

As part of the Sedona NetFusion Network Intelligence and Automation Platform, Sedona NetFusion Controller focuses on helping you make the transition from today’s manually operated network to a fully automated network. Armed with a complete and accurate model of the entire network and NetFusion mechanisms for computing optimal paths, creating services and optimizing the network, Sedona NetFusion Controller lets you:

  • Understand your entire multilayer network structure and state in real time
  • Create L1-L3 services quickly from a GUI or from service orchestrators
  • Proactively assure L1-L3 services to reduce/eliminate SLA violations
  • Optimize the use of L1-L3 network resources for its specific service mix and SLAs
  • Streamline and automate operational processes, reducing cost and errors
  • Reduce network capex dynamic allocation and more efficient use of network resources
With Sedona NetFusion Controller you get:
  • A unified real-time view of the entire multilayer network, including multiple IP/MPLS domains and multiple transport domains.
  • Abstraction of the network towards service orchestrators and OSS tools
  • Sophisticated and optimal multi-layer and multi-domain path computation engine (PCE)
  • Automated remedial action if the network fails to meet its service SLAs
  • Proactive service assurance tools that check the implementation of the service against its SLA and warn if a violation occurs
  • Interaction with the network through standard REST/RESCONF southbound interfaces via SDN controllers
  • Interaction with service orchestrators/OSS tools via standard REST/RESCONF northbound interfaces
With Sedona NetFusion Controller you can:
  • Gain a deep understanding of your entire network
  • Add new vendors and new types of devices without changes to OSS tools
  • Automate service setup so it’s simple, fast and accurate
  • Flexibly change the IP/MPLS topology, relying on optical switching, in reaction to failures or optimization processes
  • Optimize the optical path that IP links use based on understanding the impact on both IP/MPLS and optical layers
  • Move optical paths without affecting IP traffic
  • Reallocate network resources when network conditions change

Download a complementary Whitepaper from Analysys Mason” The Critical Role of Multi-layer, Multi-vendor SDN Control Platforms