Discovery, Visibility, and Automation

The future of the service-provider business model depends on doing more with less.

More traffic, services, applications,
users, and speed
Less resources, time to revenue,
downtime, and complexity

The foundation for this more-with-less model is automation, enabled by deep visibility into the full network through the NetFusion Intelligence and Automation App Platform. Sedona’s NetFusion solution creates the ultimate network data source, with full service-to-fiber visibility and automation.

  • Complete: multilayer, multivendor, multidomain
  • Correct: automatically updated in real time
  • Consistent: centrally correlated network data

Service-to-Fiber Discovery and Visibility

NetFusion acquires core and metro network data through a patented and automated discovery method that maps topology, traffic, and services into a live, unified network model. This multivendor view extracts valuable network knowledge and makes it available through a three-dimensional UI or an API. Visibility includes all cross-layer and cross-domain connections, offering a unique, network-wide, service-to-fiber view. This depth and quality of NetFusion data takes the guesswork out of network operations, leaving you free to focus on offering revenue-generating services.

The platform also eases the architectural transition from legacy to SDN with an adaptable architecture that permits direct access to network elements, legacy EMS/NMS, and domain controllers. As your solution develops, changes are not required to network equipment, domain controllers, or service orchestrators, thus powering the way to the next evolutionary step in network control.

Intelligence and Automation Apps

The NetFusion App Suite simplifies the daily efforts of planning, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the network, using the holistic, real-time network model discovered by the platform. All apps are multi-layer, multi-vendor, and multi-domain.

The NetFusion Intelligence Apps remove the labor- and cost-intensive practices of manually gathering and coordinating information across teams. For example, NetFusion apps analyze inventory, diversity, performance, and other crucial network metrics. They can be used for offering services to your customers, such as service-to-fiber visibility and the ability to safely migrate existing services to new networks.

You can use these apps to automatically push network data to databases, including real-time changes, or these pushes can be user initiated. Other options include reports that identify differences in real-time discovery versus these databases. If preferred, you can use these reports to manually update databases.

The NetFusion Automation Apps focus on improving traffic flow as a whole and have the potential to fully automate the process of operating and maintaining the network, even under disastrous failure conditions. There is a full gamut of possibilities, including automating bandwidth on demand, path optimization, service provisioning, coordinating maintenance activities, and rerouting paths around failures (and returning them to their original paths when needed).

Service-Aware Network Control

With access to domain controllers, NetFusion abstracts the network northbound to service orchestrators and executes southbound intent APIs to the domain controllers. This fully developed automated solution enables service-aware networking where services can be automatically configured, optimized, and even restored when necessary to ensure strict SLAs are met. This service-aware approach optimizes network resources by pooling capacity, provisioning across vendors and domains, and enforcing policies at all layers. Example use cases include service provisioning and service-aware optimization.