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NetFusion for Mergers & Migrations

How Providers Benefit from NetFusion for Mergers & Migrations


  • Auto-discovery from the network
  • Holistic view of all layers & domains


  • Reduce manpower from hundreds to a handful required for monitoring


  • Reduce M&M time from years to months
  • Saves in power, footprint, personnel

Service Impact

  • Eliminate downtime

The Role of Automation in Network Migrations

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Sedona CTO Ori Gerstel Light Reading Interview

In Light Reading’s latest Telecom Innovator’s Showcase, Sedona Founder & CTO, Ori Gerstel, sat down with Ray Le Maistre, Light Reading’s Editor-in-Chief. The two discussed Sedona’s network and automation platform, NetFusion, and how NetFusion has been used to speed up and get better accuracy in network mergers and migrations.

Network Mergers & Migrations Challenges:

NetFusion for Network Mergers and Migration

Automate essential areas of network mergers and migrations and use data to increase accuracy, cut costs, speed up delivery time and minimize service impact.

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