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The Journey to Digital Transformation

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What challenges CSPs face today:

  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Dynamic OTT solutions
  • Lack of unique value offerings

How missing network pieces create a blind spot in network infrastructure:

  • No consistent data source for layers 0-3
  • Operations driven by old, missing data
  • Resource under-utilization due to lack of network understanding

How Sedona's NetFusion platform enables the journey to transformation:

  • Provides near real-time, Service-to-Fiber network data source
  • Offers multi-layer, multi-domain, multi-vendor intelligence
  • Allows a flexible way to transform the network from legacy to SDN

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Benefits of the Journey to Digital Transformation & Network Automation

Journey to Digital Transformation

The journey towards SDN and automated network control requires organizations to adopt a maturity model that allows them to gradually move from a read-only and legacy system focus, to automation and SDN focus. Download the eBook to learn more about how CSPs can evolve their networks through managed phases to become service-aware and automated.

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