Appledore Research – Sedona NetFusion benefits analysis

The whitepaper is aimed at senior decision-makers within a CSP. It looks at how Sedona NetFusion can automate the management of IP/Optical transport networks delivering quantitative benefits for all operators, be they mobile, fixed broadband or enterprise-focused. Based on a taper of benefits in the first six months, we estimate an accumulated benefit of $113 million over a three-year ROI period

The Emerging Control Hierarchy for Service Provider SDN-Enabled Networks (2020)

This white paper examines how the control hierarchy for SDN networks is converging toward a three-tier structure, with a service orchestrator, a network controller, and multiple domain controllers. The benefits are plenty, including faster innovation, a stable ecosystem of collaborating parties, and flexibility to replace building blocks with minimal effort and without vendor lock-in.

Premium Services

The Best Way for CSPs to Guarantee Premium Service SLAs

Communication service providers (CSP) have all kinds of customers. Some of them, especially large enterprise and business customers, require premium connectivity services with guaranteed delivery, and they are willing to pay for it. Typically, premium enterprise services include high capacity, low latency, and full geographic diversity guarantees. A few examples are financial services connectivity, connectivity…