NetFusion Discovery System Description

This white paper describes the NetFusion Intelligence and Automation App Platform, which enables multivendor discovery of the Optical layer, IP/MPLS layer, and cross-connections between the two layers. The accompanying NetFusion Explorer UI enables you to visualize and explore this multi-layer network model in near real-time, showing optically-aware IP/MPLS routing and conversely, IP/MPLS-informed optical paths.

Multilayer Requirements for NBI of Optical Domain Controllers

This paper focuses on requirements for the NBI of Optical domain controllers in a multilayer architecture. The NBI of the optical domain controller has four main functions: topology discovery, monitoring, provisioning, and path computation. These requirements generally apply to both DWDM and OTN systems, with the obvious omission of feasibility limitations that only apply to the DWDM layer.

NetFusion Orchestrates Across Vendors in OIF SDN Transport API Interoperability Demo

Sedona’s NetFusion IP/Optical Network controller successfully fulfilled the role of multidomain controller in the Optical Internetworking Forum’s (OIF) Transport API (T-API) interoperability demonstration late this year. NetFusion was the top-level controller and orchestrator of services across multiple optical domains and the central interface to provisioning applications for the entire test network in Telefonica’s lab. In…