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The critical role of multi-layer, multi-vendor SDN control platforms

Drivers for SDN-based automation in the WAN

Opex reduction/increased productivity

Enables operations to become leaner and skilled staff to be reallocated to tasks that are more-strategic and higher-value.

Capex reduction/deferral

Reduce the need for overprovisioning and deferring expensive capacity upgrades in the WAN.

Reduced vendor lock-in and network complexity

An open interface and model-based abstraction of the complex multi-layer, multi-vendor networks can allow operators to reduce vendor lock-ins.

New revenue opportunities through dynamic, on-demand services

Key enabler of 5G advanced connectivity services and will help operators to meet the capacity and low-latency demands of new services

Customer experience differentiators

Operators will be able to differentiate themselves through on-demand, customer-initiated service provisioning, monitoring and changing, and improved quality of service and time to market

The Critical Role of Multi-layer, Multi-vendor SDN Control Platforms

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White Paper: Automation in the WAN: The Critical Role of Multi-layer, Multi-vendor SDN Control Platforms, May 2019, Gorkem Yigit

This white paper discusses the emerging blueprint architecture of the new operational stack for SDN-based automation in the light of the progress made by leading operators, industry standardization bodies and vendors. It introduces the three-layer hierarchical model that is being adopted by operators for implementing SDN control in WANs and analyses the key role that centralized multi-layer, multi-vendor WAN SDN control platforms play in this architecture. Finally, the paper outlines the key functionalities and architectural requirements that operators should look for when building their multi-layer WAN SDN control platforms, and provides an overview of the vendor landscape with an analysis of the main strengths and weaknesses of various vendor groups.

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