Appledore Research White paper: Sedona NetFusion benefits analysis

Benefits Summary – In simple terms, the benefits analysis for Sedona NetFusion are split as follows:
  • CAPEX savings of around $8.9 million per year
  • OPEX savings from design activities of around $1.8 million per year
  • Opex savings from troubleshooting activities of around $5.9 million per year
  • Revenue growth opportunities of around $24.6 million per year

Dramatically simplify network operations and create tangible business value

Check out this use case video to find out how Sedona’s NetFusion can help 5G transport planners by

  • Providing accurate and up-to-date network status from service to fiber
  • Simulating failures and growth to ensure that continuous changes will not adversely impact the network
  • Streamlining planning work and assure SLAs are met with guaranteed latency, resiliency and bandwidth

Control Your Network with Data

Beat rising complexity with automatic multilayer network discovery, data-driven optimization, and zero-touch configuration


Make Your Network Service-Aware

Provision, assure, and support services with the confidence of full visibility of their transport and routing


Evolve Safely to SDN Control

Safely unlock the benefits of controller-based architectures with Packet/Transport converged control and multilayer SDN apps

Our software-only solution helps service providers

Streamline Operations Reduce Costs Enhance Resilience

Network Without Guesswork

Dynamic end-to-end visibility lets you manage your network holistically and with surgical precision

NetFusion automatically maps the entire network into a single abstracted model. It creates a real-time converged view of topology, traffic, and crossconnections across all IP/Optical layers, domains, and vendors.

Learn about NetFusion Discovery »

We integrate with all major vendors

  • cisco
  • nokia
  • ciena
  • infinera
  • huawei
  • juniper
  • fujitsu
  • adva
  • coriant
  • coriant

We integrate with all major vendors

What Our Customers Do with NetFusion™

From read-only apps to full automation, NetFusion answers real service provider challenges