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Automatically Assure Network Inventory Accuracy

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What It Does

  • Automates the process of inventory collection for traffic-carrying elements
  • Consolidates accurate IP and optical inventory data, including physical connectivity across layers, vendors, and domains
  • Produces inventory reports
  • Identifies inventory discrepancies between back-office systems and the network

Operator Benefits

  • Enables you to pro-actively improve time to market with new services and ensure continuous service delivery thereafter
  • Reduce OpEx by simplifying processes and communication streams
  • Simplifies process of gathering data on acquired and merged networks
  • Removes the need for manual audits to synchronize inventory records with the actual network
  • Enables you to immediately respond to inventory requests, such as by regulators
  • Planning with real knowledge of available inventory, rather than guesswork


Having accurate, up-to-date network inventory data is critical to delivering new services. Yet having this inventory knowledge can be quite a challenge because multiple activities are constantly touching the network. When mergers and acquisitions happen, more inventory shifts occur, likely across vendors and optical domains. All of these inventory changes are manually recorded in the back-office inventory systems, such as MetaSolv and TIRKS.

Whether the inventory is accurate generally remains unchallenged until a customer complains or a regulatory office requests inventory data. To resolve these matters, a laborious and costly manual audit ensues to determine exactly what is in the network and then to manually synchronize it with back-office systems. Ultimately, the end result becomes questionable due to the time-intensive nature of manual processes.

The necessary data is in the network itself. You just need an accurate, automated way of extrapolating it across the network layers, vendors, and optical domains. The most cost-efficient and accurate means of automating this inventory collection is using the NetFusion Discovery platform. With this inventory data, you can now be pro-active and own solving inventory questions that improve your ability to operate and maintain the network. By focusing on factual inventory data, not processes, OpEx is saved and time to market significantly improved. Planning with proper inventory data enables you to take the guesswork out of resiliency schemes, therein leading to fewer network failures, improved service delivery, and more satisfied customers. Moreover, with NetFusion handling the inventory collection, no more time-consuming and error-prone manual audit processes are required.

The NetFusion Analytics app further improves access to this data by producing inventory reports. Taking it a step further, NetFusion inventory data can be integrated with your back-office systems. For instance, the app can report on discrepancies between the inventory discovered by NetFusion Discovery and the inventory residing in the back-office system. NetFusion data can also be pushed into these systems for a complete, accurate, one-stop source of all inventory data all the time.