See What We Can Do


This demo highlights Sedona’s NetFusion Restoration App put to the test in a live, multilayer network. Staged in Telefónica’s global CTO lab, the network consists of Nokia, Juniper, and Huawei routers at the IP/MPLS layer. At the Optical layer, the network consists of ADVA, Coriant, and Huawei optical network elements, where each is in a different optical domain. The demo consists of four parts.


  • First, the live Telefónica lab is discovered by the NetFusion Discovery platform and displayed in the NetFusion Explorer UI, including cross-connections between the IP/MPLS and Optical layers.
  • Next is a simulation of the NetFusion Restoration app, which prepares a restoration plan prior to a failure ever occurring. This plan accounts for every possible optical failure, identifying the order in which to establish new optical connections so that IP links with the most traffic are restored first.
  • The live demo picks up again in the Telefónica lab where an optical failure occurs resulting in the NetFusion Restoration app establishing new optical connections taking different paths to restore IP/MPLS traffic.
  • After the fiber is fixed, the network is reverted to using its original state without traffic loss.

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