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At OFC 2016, Sedona demonstrates the world’s first multilayer, multivendor automatic restoration of a failed optical link. The technology can transform carrier business, allowing networks to run safely at much higher utilization rates and saving up to 50% off core and metro CapEx.



It Works!

The live network setup, hosted by Telefonica, encompasses equipment of multiple vendors: IP routers from Juniper, Nokia and Huawei and three-node optical domains from Coriant, Adva, and Huawei (see diagram below). It’s a complex mix, but Sedona’s unique network discovery tool automatically maps the two network layers and their cross connections, and then displays everything on a live map. A restoration plan is then pre-calculated and prepared for various scenarios. Next, one of the optical links fails. Sedona’s Restoration app springs into action. It considers topology and conditions in both network layers and determines the optimal restoration order. New optical paths are automatically established for all the traffic affected by the failure, achieving minimal losses. Then, after the failed link is fixed, the app reverts the network back to normal operations hitlessly through careful coordination between the two network layers.

Massive Savings

OFC gr4Cost-effective Protection
Protecting their networks from optical failures, service providers today face a hard choice. Using the IP/MPLS layer only to reroute traffic requires massive and costly overprovisioning; optical-only restoration, while potentially cheaper, is prone to collateral damage and excessive traffic losses, and is typically limited to single-vendor domains. Only multilayer, multivendor restoration can achieve both high resiliency and cost control. Orchestrating IP and optical resources, it allows service providers to run their networks at much higher utilization rates without compromising resilience. This could save up to 50% off the $26B they spend globally each year on core and metro network expansions.


OFC diagram2Demonstration Setup