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We went to OFC 2016 with very high expectations. After all, we were about to demonstrate in Anaheim, California, the world’s first multilayer, multivendor automatic restoration of a fiber cut. Nevertheless, we were overwhelmed by the responses of operators, vendors, and analysts. In our booth and outside it, multilayer control was a major theme in this year’s conference.

I will be discussing the requirements that multilayer control imposes on the northbound interface (NBI) of the Optical layer controller and the IP/MPLS layer controller. This unique perspective calls for some non-obvious requirements that have not been discussed so far in standard bodies (such as IETF and ONF) and open-source forums (such as ODL and ONOS) since these bodies have typically focused mostly on one layer or the other, but not on making both layers work together.

We just came back from the Open Networking Summit (ONS ’15). The event was quite interesting, both in terms of the exhibit floor and the talks. There was good participation, albeit more on the vendor side than the customer side.
My main impression is that SDN technologies and solutions are moving from testbeds and concepts to products and early deployments.