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What’s the difference between the challenges faced by Telecom service providers and cable operators in their high-capacity backbone and metro networks? Not much, actually. We learned this at the CableLabs Winter Conference in Orlando this week.

The central problem is essentially the same: separate IP/MPLS and Optical network layers with little or no visibility between them, in many cases designed and managed by different groups in the organization. What’s the impact? Expensive, overdesigned networks with very low utilization (think less than 20%), poor resiliency, unplanned outages, and slow provisioning cycles.

That’s not good for business at a time when customers expect consistent increases in capacity and service quality at little or no additional cost. The effect of this challenge was highlighted by Tom Nolle in a recent blog post and interview with Light Reading. Here, he noted that in 2017 the cost per bit to deliver services is projected to exceed revenues. The solution, according to Nolle, is dependent on rolling out software automation, SDN, and NFV in service provider networks.

Suspecting the cable industry has the same challenges, we were excited to have the chance to present our multilayer NetFusion solution at the prestigious CableLabs Innovation Showcase. Sedona was selected from hundreds of applicants to present at the event. Along with 8 other vendors, we pitched to a group of approximately 700 senior technical and business leaders in the cable industry. Our CEO, Yossi Wellingstein, had just eight minutes to pitch and demonstrate the NetFusion “story” and get the audience excited. “I’m the guy who is going to stitch your IP/MPLS and Optical networks together for the first time EVER,” began Yossi.


Did he do a good job? Apparently so, because we had many informative, positive discussions with cable operators at our demo table throughout the duration of the conference. The challenges they described, resulting from lack of coordination between their IP/MPLS and Optical network layers, were very closely aligned with the problems that NetFusion solves.


Broadband Technology Report, one of the largest cable industry tech publications, thought so too. Their staff covered Sedona’s presentation in one of their headline articles, “Sedona Demos IP-Optical Control for CableLabs.”

The nine companies we presented with in the Innovation Showcase showed a diverse range of new technologies, including IOT, personalized TV add delivery, and a solution that tracks the vibration of smartphones to build a picture of consumer behavior. My favorite was Xogo, who presented a fully customizable adapter that allows people with disabilities much better access to technology like cable boxes, media devices, smart home systems, and more. You can read more about the companies in the showcase and their technologies here.


The conference was a success for Sedona, and we’re privileged to have had the chance to mingle with and learn from so many talented people in the cable industry. We look forward to helping solve some of their significant challenges with NetFusion.

To see NetFusion in action please view the NetFusion Explorer demo. If you have additional questions, please contact us.