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Sedona System will participate in this year’s SDN & OpenFlow World Congress at the Hague, Netherlands. Our team will present there our suite of IP/MPLS - Optical converged control applications and the world’s first multilayer, multivendor automatic restoration solution.

We will present the results of a recent demonstration where we have proven the superiority of multilayer restoration over optical-only restoration and IP-only restoration. The demo encompassed equipment from five different vendors in both the IP/MPLS and Optical layers. After a fiber failure was simulated, the application started operating automatically and restored traffic. The process took into consideration both network layers and achieved optimal restoration order with minimum loss of traffic. After the fiber cut was fixed, the application also reverted to normal operations without any loss of traffic.

Our team will also present a number of read-only applications that are ready to be deployed even before the network has migrated to SDN-based architecture and deliver unique insight about the network and the risks it faces.

Visit us at the show, 10-14 October, 2016, the World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands