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Sedona Systems’ co-founder and CTO, Ori Gerstel, will deliver a paper in ECOC 2016 about the world’s first live demonstration of multilayer, multivendor automatic restoration. 

Ori will explain how Sedona’s multilayer restoration app managed to achieve superior results compared to optical-only restoration and how it could impact operator business.

The demonstration was conducted on a live network setup, encompassing equipment from five different vendors in both the IP/MPLS and Optical layers. After a fiber failure was simulated, the app started operating automatically and restored traffic. The process took into consideration both network layers and achieved optimal restoration order with minimum loss of traffic. After the fiber cut was fixed, the app also reverted to normal operations without any loss of traffic.

Multilayer restoration can transform carrier business. Currently, core and metro networks are heavily underutilized since their electrical protection schemes require massive overprovisioning. Orchestrating IP and optical resources, multilayer restoration allows carriers to run their network at much higher utilization rates without compromising resilience. This could save up to 50% of the $26B  spent each year on network expansions.

ECOC is held in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Ori will deliver his paper on Tuesday, 20 September, 2016, at 9AM.