Sedona’s Team


The Multilayer Networking Experts

Sedona Systems has created NetFusion Discovery, the first multilayer app platform, focusing on optimization and control of the Optical and IP/MPLS layers (L0-L3) of network operators. Enabling both optically-aware IP routing and IP-informed optical switching, our apps double effective WAN capacity, boost agility, availability and flexibility, and save up to 50% of core network costs over 5 years.

Based on a centralized open-source software tools, NetFusion Discovery connects to all major vendors’ equipment through SDN controllers or management systems. It then optimizes key tasks through dynamic, automatic management of both optical and IP resources.


Why We Matter to Operators

Promoted by major operators such as AT&T, Telefonica, and DT, multilayer networking is set to transform network operation and economics. Our NetFusion App Suite already delivers on this promise with a powerful set of capabilities.

  • Total L0-L3 visibility of cross-layer routes and connections with an intuitive 3D UI
  • Automatic sharing of key Optical layer attributes, such as shared risk with the IP/MPLS layer
  • Optimization of both packet and transport resources by controlling the routing of IP links over the Optical layer to reclaim underutilized resources
  • Automatic, low-cost, hybrid IP-optical restoration of failed links without collateral damage
  • Coordinated maintenance activities across layers for boosting service availability
  • Economically viable multi-10G-scale bandwidth on demand for data center connectivity 


Our Advantage

We have leveraged our extensive know-how and experience to develop unique intellectual property in multilayer networking. We focus solely on multilayer networking and enjoy a neutral position that is crucial for this endeavor. Based on our strong ties with vendors and service providers, NetFusion provides an effective multilayer solution today, even before standards are finalized.


Who We Are

Based in the US and Israel, Sedona is backed by blue-chip investors and lead by seasoned entrepreneurs and prominent multilayer networking experts.