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Service Providers can now view and optimize their entire multivendor IP/Optical infrastructure as a single converged network with increased efficiency and agility.

Los Angeles, CA, March 20, 2017 – Sedona Systems™, the global leader in multilayer IP/Optical network control and optimization, today announced a major release of its NetFusion™ product. The new release adds network analytics and reporting capabilities that provide immediate value to service providers seeking a realistic and phased approach to network automation and SDN deployment. The company also announced that NetFusion is commercially deployed by global Tier 1 service providers and will be showcased this week in a live demonstration at OFC Booth #3055.

NetFusion is an independent, software-only solution that connects to network equipment and controllers from all major vendors. It automatically discovers multivendor topology, traffic, and services for both Optical and IP/MPLS layers, and the cross-layer connections between them. This delivers unprecedented visibility, and allows service providers to reap the benefits of network convergence and software agility over their existing infrastructures.

Service providers use NetFusion to quickly identify congestion, risks, and sub-optimal paths across their IP/Optical networks. With improved visibility and full understanding of dependencies and cross connections, networks run at higher utilization levels and operators can defer costly expansions. NetFusion also delivers reliable inventory assurance, improved resiliency, accelerated provisioning, and more efficient maintenance and repairs.

Sedona has already demonstrated the product in advanced network automation applications such as multilayer restoration, optimization, and bandwidth on demand. Recently NetFusion played a key role in the OIF’s SDN Transport API Interoperability demonstration, where, as the master controller, it orchestrated services across multiple optical domains.

"Service providers are facing major challenges as they attempt to deal with both profit-per-bit declines and increasing competition,” said Michael Howard, Senior Research Director and advisor at IHS Markit. “Sedona has taken a very pragmatic approach to the problem by focusing on improving the efficiency and agility of existing IP-Optical networks – I think this should be interesting to all service providers, particularly those with large multivendor networks.”

“The benefits of IP/Optical convergence are universally recognized but achieving them was considered too hard – until NetFusion,” said Yossi Wellingstein, CEO of Sedona Systems. “Our software does all the hard work of discovering and visualizing network topology and traffic across the IP and Optical layers in multivendor networks. Service providers are given a complete view of the network that is easy to understand and control. It is the foundation of a new approach to network management and automation, based on actual network data rather than assumptions and estimates.”

NetFusion is available for deployment today. For more information, visit

About Sedona
Sedona Systems has created NetFusion, the first multilayer application platform, focusing on discovery, optimization, and control of the Optical and IP/MPLS layers (L0-L3) in multivendor service provider networks. Enabling both optically-aware IP routing and IP-informed optical switching, our applications boost effective WAN capacity, increase agility, availability and flexibility, and save up to 50% of core network costs.

NetFusion connects to all major vendors’ equipment through SDN controllers or management systems, and optimizes key tasks through dynamic, automatic management of both optical and IP resources.

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